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Saturday night   
02:53pm 14/09/2009
  To save Kat and I a lot of words, here is just what happened on Saturday night for those who are interested. It is quoted from a conversation with someone so it is pretty my POV biased. Bonus Tim anecdotes as well!
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06:24pm 08/08/2009
  18:13 Thatcher: Yo Trent, out of the blue i know, but is the rumour i have been hearing about Kat true?

18:13 Kat: Kat is right here with me so, uh, what ever this rumour is we can probably clear up?

18:14 Thatcher: awesome, well the rumour is that Kat likes it up the arse, which personally i find as hiliarious as anything that it exists as a rumour at all.

18:14 Kat: Why would people want to talk about that OH WAIT ANAL BEADS

18:14 Kat: please say it is the anal beads thing

18:15 Kat: At Terracon, Fripp literally chose a random expression to say whilst drunk and kept repeating it

18:15 Thatcher: they werent mentioned in the version i heard, but sounds like an interesting story as of its self.

18:15 Kat: Somehow this has been associated with Kat and I

18:15 Kat: What is the version you heard?

18:16 Thatcher: Basically that you and her only do it that way because she prefers it. Hi Kat, sorry for the 3rd person speak but its hard to write the sentence any other way.

18:16 Kat: Nope

18:16 Kat: Not true

18:16 Kat: Who was saying that though? Seems pretty random

18:17 Kat: Kat is finding this perplexing and hilarious

18:17 Thatcher: cant recall who started it, as drinking was involved yet it was amongst the reaps/bean et al crowd. quite a few people were there.

18:18 Kat: Hah
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I'm glad I'm not doing Kant   
03:52am 02/04/2009
  Philosphy essays at 3am oh man sup uni  
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12:42am 17/12/2008
  (12:26:06 AM) Trent: Sup
(12:26:30 AM) Fripp: hey
(12:26:32 AM) Fripp: i
(12:26:33 AM) Fripp: love
(12:26:34 AM) Fripp: dick
(12:26:37 AM) Fripp: juicy dick
(12:39:53 AM) Trent: No
(12:40:01 AM) Fripp: om
(12:40:02 AM) Fripp: nom
(12:40:03 AM) Fripp: nom
(12:40:07 AM) Fripp: slurp
(12:40:10 AM) Fripp: :P
(12:40:18 AM) Fripp: i want to hold you
(12:40:31 AM) Fripp: i want to be in you!
(12:40:53 AM) Fripp: i want to unload my penis in you
(12:40:57 AM) Fripp: all of it
(12:41:00 AM) Fripp: all couple mill
(12:41:04 AM) Fripp: :P
(12:41:20 AM) Fripp: my name is Polly the Penis and i want to have some fun
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12:08am 18/09/2008
  lol wow ladies  
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11:21pm 07/04/2008

Email or SMS me if you don't have the address. Party starts at, oh, 6ish? A little bit of crashing room if you're interested. I'll be supplying some beer and I expect lots of people to show up and bitch about, I don't know, the molten core or Unisfans or something, drink the beer and have fun!
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10:33am 24/03/2008
  Trent says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
ddsfghynujm hkjkll,
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Fripp says:
Trent says:
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12:42pm 19/01/2008
  Back home, btw my mobile is in the UAE somewhere or something god I don't know, so don't bother SMSing me!  
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02:54pm 30/12/2007
  I'm lost in, hrm, Luxor?
Alive though!
Things are awesome.

I've got like three hours 'til my ship leaves down the Nile so, er, I might wait 'til later before posting a big entry.
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04:02pm 25/12/2007
  I'm going to Egypt and Libya for three weeks on, er, Friday. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this to people.
If you'd like to be added to the list of people who I apologise to when I get back for forgetting to write a postcard then email or SMS me your address!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year etc etc etc
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You always loved this time of year   
01:04am 09/09/2007
  War of the Worlds was great! The actors were all quite good, the one who played The Artilleryman did a particularly excellent job.

*yawn* I've been a bit off of late, my apologies if I'm seeming a little dour, not sure what it is exactly.
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05:46pm 07/07/2007
  So guys, there is something I have been meaning to tell you all for quite a while now, I just haven't really got up the guts to say it. For quite a few years I have been struggling with my sexuality. I have tried to deny how I feel by dating females and keeping how I feel buried deep inside myself (or Craig), but I am in fact gay. I feel that this is also an appropriate time to tell you all that I have feelings for my smallest and hairiest housemate.

Edit: I really shouldn't leave my dirty clothes around my room, seems to attract all sorts of things. The last bit is true though, my passion for Cerise knows no bounds
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We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity   
08:32pm 20/06/2007
  And it was not meant that we should journey far.
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Your issue may walk among fine moral spires/but if they went up, somebody else built them   
01:02am 24/04/2007
  So! I signed the lease for a place with the Dreaver sisters three cerise78, nylmatkeziah_24 on Sunday.
I've turned 20, got a house and I'm re-enrolling at uni tomorrow, seems like I'll have to find some way to avoid looking responsible. I suppose I have to be mildly fiscally competent, otherwise Dreavers will eat me.
The place is nice, plenty of room. Best part is that I'll get a cat(CAT!!) if this works out! That is good.

Um, what else.

Oh! Combined birthday/Housewarming at my new place on the 5th of May. SMS me or something for the address (More due to me not knowing it than internet paranoia)

For those unaware, X-Wing v TIE Fighter at Dramadome this weekend as well.

Craig has macroed 'IWH' as an insult, I'll probably convince him to change it to '2'.
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Party on the 21st   
09:11am 14/04/2007
Might be on the 28th, I'll let you know.
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The sands of time will shade   
03:45pm 03/04/2007

My 20th birthday party on the 21st of April (Actual birthday is the 15th, let the record show).
At my house up in Kalamunda at the moment, I'll put on some drinks and music. I'll send out invitations to non-lj people, make forum posts and such later but this is FOREWARNING to people.
This isn't Friendslocked, if you have my address you're likely welcome to come and if I don't like you but you're arrogant enough to show up at my house without discussing it with me then you probably earn enough respect to hang around for the night.
I'll be dredging friends up from a few sources, so it'll be moderately big.


Hrm, in other news stuff is going fine. Work etc etc. Karilaeya is level 40 on Jailbail'Thos. Dreaverhouse makes me laugh.
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Daylight burns your sleepy eyes and it's hard to see you dreaming.   
11:45pm 23/03/2007

Been a little busy with work and people of late, read a lot of decent books, D&D campaign is going along nicely.
Not much else, really. Been thinking a moderate amount but I've well and truly reached the point of deciding not to overthink things that can't really be fixed.

What else? Not much.
Dropped into uni on Thursday to catch up with people, that was nice. NEEDED TO BUY NEW SHOELACES AS A RESULT, HOWEVER.
Somehow managed to buy two girls lunch somehow. This must be what it feels like to be Fripp.
Imminent Dreaverhouselulz are making me smirk and laugh a fair bit, should be good.

I had AUTOMOTIVE issues on the way home from work, this conversation with Meghan explains it pretty well.

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What the fuck.   
11:19pm 09/03/2007
  Penny begins to cast Girl.
Trent is Afflicted by Girl.
Penny's Girl crits Trent for 9001
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We will adjust to this new condition of living like a man with his entrails now out him not in after   
01:45pm 02/01/2007
  So, I'm feeling a bit sick, the obvious culprits are:

a) Liquor
b) Self inflicted food poisoning
c) Some arbitrary sickness

However! I'm willing to write off a) because this sickness developed last night, I was fine in the morning after BYE Drink-The-Beer (Which included "Can you open this for me?" and stealing-a-gulp-of-danica's-water-which-wasn't-water-but-instead-liver-acid-aka-vodka) so it just seems likely I poisoned myself whilst cooking dinner. Which is PRETTY REASONABLE, really.
Though! I had an idea, maybe playing with that random weird pigeon before dinner did it, maybe I have pigeon rabies or something. Maybe I've been infected with pigeon and will metamorph into a tiny dumb bird over the next few days. Stay tuned!

I've decided that I'm totally going to cook something proper for dinner tonight, I found some t-bone steaks or something, so that could work.

Some things I've been told to do recently that made me lol:
Marie: Don't make out with any guys on New Year's Eve
Penny: Get a live-in girlfriend
Miar: Don't dream about furry porn

Presuming I haven't turned into a pigeon by Wednesday, I'm thinking of a Citadels + some stuff night at Dramahouse, who'd be up for that?

Played a rogue today:

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03:41pm 01/01/2007
  Okay guys this is REALLY WEIRD.
There's a bird by my front door, kinda looks like a pigeon but it is black and white, and it is just sitting there doing NOTHING AT ALL. I thought it was weird that it didn't fly away when I got close, so I patted it and it didn't move. It is certainly alive.
I gave it some water and crunched up bread sticks but it just ignored it.
I picked it up but it looked pretty scared so I put it back and it took a few steps into the shade.

My conclusion: It had just flown into a window or something and was stunned.
I wonder how long it'll stay there for.
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