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Brought a mighty metal warlord crashing down in sheets of flame

Standing firm between them, there lay Thunderchild!

Contemptuous arbiter
15 April 1987
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*indication that I have a good opinion of myself*

With a perceived erratum frequency of <1%, Trent is one of the most precise speakers with whom I am acquainted. He is also capable of fencing with the obscure.
- volandum

tattered_pinion, a man who knows no bounds, will never refuse a good challenge, can beat anyone in an argument, a huge capasity for caring (just doensn't use it often), a man who burns himself for fun and my original mentor.
Too bad he's evil now.
- arinellen

If there were anyone in the world to actually succeed in making alliances with a single motive in mind it would be Tattered_pinion - and that motive would be to conquer the world, and then laugh at all the petty mortals who had turned that alliance down [however wisely]. Yes. Petty mortals. He also owns two swords, and I wouldn’t be worried about him having them so much as causing damage to them and having him find out. note: don’t hurt the swords. So in closing… rather cool. And evil. And Adjective. Super Thesaurus Man, in fact. So watch out.
- bloodied_aura

Tattered_pinion, heir to the World's throne. All bow down and worship his precieved erratum frequency, knowledge, and general evil-ness!
Or, you could just randomly argue with him about his qualities. But don't think you'll win... or leave alive. He has a sword...
- azzkikr_

I'm always guaranteed of a debate or heated discussion with tattered_pinion. Not entirely sure why that is...
I find him most amusing as well. And I'm fairly sure that I have never heard of him turning down a dare.
He's an interesting person to know, to say in the least.
- uno_marsch

Trent is cool, hes a loyal friend. I think he's an interesting character with interesting ideas. He listens to what people have to say. When ever my thiinking goes off track and I get all messed up a couple of words from Trent puts me back on track and everything seems a bit better...
- ewanz_faerie

trent can scare me sometimes. msn is a freaky place because you cant tell if hes taking the piss out of you. *falls over*
muchly cool, though, to talk like a complete cockhead (hey, thats me!) he can be civil *gasp! SHOCK. blackout* when he wants to...hehehe. and he shall some day be the unquestioned overlord of the world, all she kneel pleading desperatley before him that they are poor and starving, and he shall simply laugh in their face...cheap bastard.
"crack in a biscuit...not quite a kriskit" i shall forever have the circled picture of amber with the word 'CRACK' written above it in permanent marker in my organiser. it still makes me laugh.
so in conclusion: coolness, powerfulness, sarcasm and wit= the trent like creature, the magnificantly macho manly man!
- alekattic

Trent is the epitome (pronounced eh-pit-oh-me, dickhead) of introversion, or cynicism. Whatever. He's one of the few in my knowledge who understands the unwritten rules of subtlety. Definitely someone I could respect if I weren't out to screw him over.
- armygeek

Tattered_Pinion seems like the type who will tell it straight to your face, no beating around the bush. Unless of course you ask for a beating around the bush, which will result in a wonderful debate on many topics and in the end, the original reason why the topic began will be forgotten.

I kinda like it like that.
- osmandias

This is Trent, a born cynic from the dusty western reaches of Australia. He plays computer games.
- Diz

trents good to talk to cos he puts everythin into proportion and he let me into his club/thing cos he liked my theory
- Jennifer

trent had many theories on hustle and bustle.
trent is the smartest of the students at mazenod .. he may not be the most achedemic but still he is the most intelecual. his ability to be so down to earth and yet talk in a greatly extended use of the english language is remarkable. trent is very cabable to hold his own in any heated verbal debate, his ability to think quick and sharply articulate his arguments almost puts him on par with some politicians.
- Jon

Trent is a man who bought 6 Juice Boxes and tried to fill an Ice Tea bottle with the juice. Trent is a man who tried to intimidate a vampire. Trent is in my opinion...a true hero.
- almightybean

I would describe Trent as a man who has big elephant boners for men shooting each other (with tanks).
- fried_octopus

Greatest seducer of immortals everywhere
- penchaft

There is only one word to describe him: Awesome.
- drayke_

Can out-geek just about anyone
- patternsofchaos